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Sept. 21, 2023

Mesta Festa 2023 - Oklahoma City Festival in Mesta Park

Mesta Festa 2023: Celebrating Arts, Culture & Community



Mesta Festa, the annual neighborhood festival in Oklahoma City's historic Mesta Park, is just around the corner! Get ready for an incredible day packed with live music, local artists, delicious food, and family-friendly activities. Taking place on September 24, 2023 (12pm - 6pm) the 2023 edition of Mesta Festa promises to be a memorable event for everyone involved. In this blog post, we'll share some of the highlights you can expect at Mesta Festa 2023.



What is Mesta Festa?

Mesta Festa is a vibrant community festival that brings together neighbors, visitors, and Oklahoma City businesses for a day of fun and camaraderie. This annual event is designed to celebrate the arts, culture, and history of Mesta Park, a beautiful and historic neighborhood in the heart of OKC.


Live Music and Entertainment

At the heart of Mesta Festa 2023 is a fantastic lineup of live music and entertainment. The event will feature several local bands and musicians, showcasing various musical genres to keep everyone grooving throughout the day. Prepare to be entertained by talented artists and delight your ears with some true Oklahoma sound.


Art and Craft Vendors

Mesta Festa 2023 is proud to showcase a wide array of local artists and artisans. Visitors can expect to find one-of-a-kind handmade items, ranging from paintings and photographs to pottery and sculptures, as well as unique home décor and accessories. Be sure to take a stroll through the vendor booths, supporting the talented creative community of Oklahoma City.



Food Trucks and Local Cuisine

No festival is complete without mouth-watering food, and Mesta Festa 2023 does not disappoint. A variety of food trucks will be on site, serving up tasty dishes to please every palate. From barbecue and tacos to vegan options and sweet treats, there will be plenty of delicious cuisine available for purchase throughout the day.


Family-Friendly Activities

Mesta Festa 2023 offers a fun-filled day of activities for the whole family. Kids can enjoy bounce houses, face painting, and a variety of lawn games, while adults can participate in a friendly competition with the Mesta Festa Beer Garden Games. Plus, don't miss out on the popular dog costume contest, where proud pet owners showcase their creative costumes.


Supporting Local Nonprofits and Organizations

Mesta Festa 2023 also serves as an opportunity to support local nonprofits and organizations that make an impact on the community. This year, proceeds from the event will benefit several deserving local groups, helping them continue their valuable work in the neighborhood and beyond.



Don't Miss Mesta Festa 2023

Mark your calendars for and get ready for a fantastic day of celebration at Mesta Festa, a true testament to the incredible sense of community in Mesta Park and Oklahoma City as a whole. NW 18th & Shartel Ave. We can't wait to see you there!


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Sept. 14, 2023

Autumn Curb Appeal Tips







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Sept. 13, 2023

Oklahoma City's Farmers Market

Savor the Bounties of Nature at the OKC Farmers Market in Scissortail Park


The OKC Farmers Market in Scissortail Park thrives at the heart of the city. The park's serene ambiance blends perfectly with the market’s vibrant hustle, offering a true celebration of Oklahoma's agricultural and culinary scene.


Scissortail Park: Nature Meets City



Scissortail Park is a 70-acre urban oasis that tempts residents and visitors alike. The park's verdant landscapes and winding paths form the perfect setting for the weekly farmers market, where patrons can shop amidst refreshing greenery.


From Farm to Table




Patrons at the Scissortail Farmers Market can shop for a rich abundance of oranges, crisp greens, sturdy root vegetables, and other seasonal goodies. The fruits and veggies here are not just fresh, but they're also locally grown, ensuring premium quality and taste, while promoting sustainable practices.


Local Artisan Foods


Step into a world of flavor as you browse the stalls of homemade artisan food. From locally-sourced honey and rich cheeses to tempting pastries and intoxicatingly fragrant sauces and condiments, you'll enjoy the very best of Oklahoma's diverse culinary scene.


Plant and Flower Peddlers




Scissortail’s market is not just about edibles. Discover a variety of ornamental plants, succulents, perennial flowers and herbs that can transform your home into a beautiful oasis.


Community Engagement


The OKC Farmers Market in Scissortail Park also hosts various interactive activities like cooking and gardening demonstrations, encouraging community engagement and offering a fun, educational twist to the shopping excursion.

Every Saturday morning, the Scissortail Park turns not just into a market, but a lively gathering spot that celebrates health, sustainability, and community. For more information, visit scissortailpark.org/farmersmarket.

The OKC Farmers Market in Scissortail Park reflects the true spirit of Oklahoma City, providing spaces for people to connect, enjoy, and celebrate all the beautiful bounties that the city and nature have to offer.

Image source: Scissortail Park Farmers Market, Scissortail Park, Fresh Produce, Local Artisan Foods, Plants and Flowers, Community Activity.


Celebrating Fresh and Local at the OKC Farmers Market



The OKC Farmers Public Market, a longstanding tradition in Oklahoma City, is a testament to the health and vitality of local, homegrown produce. Open year-round, this marketplace brims with friendly vendors, fresh produce, and a diverse array of food and goods.


A Rich History




The OKC Farmers Public Market dates back to 1910. Residing in the historic Farmers Market District, the main building showcases Spanish Revival architectural style and serves as a community hub, reflecting the city's rich agricultural past.


Fresh and Local Produce




The market is a paradise for those seeking fresh, locally grown fruits and vegetables. From juicy tomatoes and crisp apples to leafy greens and sweet berries, shoppers can discover the season's best offerings direct from local farmers.


Artisan Goods and Crafts


Beyond produce, the OKC Farmers Public Market nurtures the city's creative spirit. Shoppers can explore a wide array of handmade goods, ranging from baked treats and handmade soap, to clothing and unique home decor.


Flower Market



Adding a burst of color and sweet scents to the market, the flower stalls overflow with a variety of beautiful blossoms. Here, you'll find everything from bouquets of vibrant sunflowers to ornamental plants perfect for your home or garden.


The Food Pavilion


The farmers market also serves as a food lover's delight. Visitors can relish a plethora of freshly-prepared eats, including mouth-watering barbecue, authentic Mexican food, gourmet cheese, and more.

The OKC Farmers Public Market is not just a place to buy produce; it's a celebration of the city's vibrant community, gastronomic diversity, and agricultural wealth. For more information, visit okcfarmersmarket.com.

Discover the charm and warmth of the OKC Farmers Market, where every visit is a feast for the senses.

Image source: OKC Farmers Market, Farmers Market Historical Building, Fresh Produce, Flower Market, Food Pavilion.

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Sept. 13, 2023

Homes by Taber - Oklahoma's Favorite Builder


Crafting Dream Homes with Taber Homes: Oklahoma’s Trusted Home Builder



Taber Homes, founded by construction industry veteran Taber LeBlanc, has been crafting beautiful, affordable homes in Oklahoma since 2000. Known for their quality construction, exceptional customer service, and dedication to eco-friendliness, Taber Homes has become a trusted name in the Oklahoma homebuilding industry.


Unparalleled Quality with Taber Homes




Taber Homes offers a diverse line of home designs, all built with a focus on quality, durability, and aesthetics. Every Taber home is expertly crafted, featuring eye-catching exteriors, spacious interiors, and stylish finishes to create a perfect balance of elegance and comfort.


Sustainable Building Practices


Taber Homes takes pride in adopting sustainable and energy-efficient practices in their building process. They're committed to constructing homes that not only stand the test of time but also promote green living. Their application of energy-efficient elements such as LED lighting, Low-E windows, and highly efficient HVAC systems reflects their commitment to the earth's future.


Home Designs for All Lifestyles




From comfortable single-story homes to grand multi-level housing, Taber Homes creates designs that cater to a variety of lifestyles and family needs. They prioritize customizability and upgrade options to ensure every family gets a house that truly feels like a home.


An Engaging Homebuilding Experience




Taber Homes understands that building a home is a significant task for any family, and they are dedicated to making the process as transparent and enjoyable as possible. They keep homebuyers involved at every step of the construction process, communicating constantly and honestly to ensure a smooth homebuilding journey.



Cultivating Communities


Beyond building houses, Taber Homes is focused on fostering vibrant communities. They choose convenient, amenity-rich areas for their builds and design neighborhoods where residents can connect, live, and grow together.

Taber Homes pours life into each construction project, providing Oklahomans with spaces that stand up to the rigors of family life without sacrificing style or comfort. 

Let Taber Homes build the home of your dreams – beautiful, practical, and made to last a lifetime. Contact one of our agents for more information and assistance. 

Image source: Taber Homes, Taber Homes Quality, Sustainable Building, Home Designs, Homebuilding Experience, Taber Homes Community.

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Sept. 13, 2023

Paseo Arts District

Discover Paseo Arts District: Oklahoma City’s Vibrant Artistic Hub





Nestled in the heart of Oklahoma City, the Paseo Arts District is a vibrant neighborhood that embraces culture and creativity. This art-centered enclave, with its recognizable Spanish Revival architecture, celebrates local artists, community spirit, and eclectic charm. Join us as we delve into the unique allure of the Paseo Arts District.


A Historical Hub of Creativity

Before we explore the richness of the district today, let's step back in time. Paseo was developed in 1929 as Oklahoma's first shopping district outside of downtown and became the home of artists and musicians during the 1970s. Today, it thrives as an artistic heartland with an impressive variety of galleries, studios, restaurants, and shops.






Stroll through Art Galleries

The Paseo Arts District hosts more than 20 galleries showcasing creative work from over 80 vibrant artists working in varied mediums. From oil paintings, printmaking, and pottery to jewelry, sculpture, and photography—you’ll find artworks that will regale every aesthetic sense.





Paseo Arts Festival

One of the highlights in the district's calendar is the annual Paseo Arts Festival. This event, spanning over Memorial Day weekend, attracts artists from all across the country. Festival attendees can enjoy the works of visual artists, live music, performance artists, and food vendors.



Gastronomic Delights

Fulfill your culinary cravings in Paseo with delicious offerings from popular restaurants like Paseo Grill, OSO Paseo + Flamingo Tiki, Frida Southwest, Sauced on Paseo, and Picasso Café. These eateries provide diverse menus to cater to every palate, from savory American cuisine to enchanting international flavors.





Shopping in Paseo

Paseo’s artistic spirit doesn’t just lie within galleries—it spills over into the unique shops found throughout the area. Be it cool boutiques, gift shops selling handcrafted goods, or eclectic antique stores, there's plenty for both Oklahoma City natives and tourists to explore and purchase.





Getting to Paseo Arts District

The Paseo Arts District in Oklahoma City is conveniently located at the intersection of NW 28th and Walker/28th & Dewey. Whether you’re a fan of art, an admirer of historic neighborhoods, a food enthusiast, or a casual visitor looking for a unique experience—Paseo Arts District promises a delightful day out in the city.



For more information, visit the Paseo Arts District official website at ThePaseo.org. Don’t forget to check their calendar for upcoming events.

Dive into the rich collective spirit of creativity, community, and culture at Paseo Arts District in Oklahoma City.

Image Source: The Paseo Arts District, Paseo Grill, Paseo Art Walk, and Oklahoma City Botanical Gardens.


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Sept. 13, 2023

OKC's The Plaza District

The Plaza District: A Creative Hub in the Heart of Oklahoma City



Located on NW 16th Street between Classen Boulevard and Penn Avenue, the bustling Plaza District in Oklahoma City is one of the city's most dynamic, creative, and innovative communities. This onetime commercial district, which was mostly abandoned over time, has since been revived and has regained its old vibrancy. Today, it's home to a diverse community of local artists, musicians, and businesses all contributing to an infectious energy and eclectic vibe.


A Flavorful Excursion




No journey to the Plaza District would be complete without an exploration of its vibrant culinary scene. Embark on a gastronomic adventure by stopping by the Empire Slice House for some unforgettable pizza or visit Ma Der Lao Kitchen or The Press for mouth-watering delicacies that feature both local and international flavors.



Arts and Culture Galore




One of the primary attractions of the District is its outstanding roster of local art. It houses several establishments dedicated to promoting artistic talent, such as the Lyric Theatre, one of the country's leading independent theatres, and Paint N Cheers, a studio where you can paint and wine down.


The Plaza Walls: An Exhibition of Street Art




Perhaps the most visually striking aspect of the Plaza District is the Plaza Walls, a large-scale outdoor mural exhibition featuring works by some of Oklahoma's top artists. These displays of creativity and color, coupled with the neighborhood’s historical and cultural essence, make this district truly unique.


Live! on the Plaza




Every second Friday of the month, the neighborhood comes alive with Live! on the Plaza, a night full of live music, featured artists, special events, and local shopping. It's a local favorite, and a can't-miss for those passing through town.


Visit the Plaza District Today!

There's no shortage of experiences to be had in the Plaza District, making it ideal for an afternoon visit or a night out in Oklahoma City. To plan your visit and get information about the upcoming events, head over to the Plaza District's official website at www.plazadistrict.org.

Experience a dynamic neighborhood that is a testament to the resilience and creativity of OKC. With its amazing food, exceptional art, captivating performances, and vibrant community, the Plaza District is a gem that shines brightly in the heart of Oklahoma City.

Image source: Plaza District, Empire Slice House, Lyric Theatre, Paint N' Cheers, Plaza Walls, Live! on the Plaza.

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Sept. 11, 2023

Scissortail Park in Downtown Oklahoma City

Discovering Scissortail Park: A Gem in Downtown Oklahoma City

Scissortail Park: The Great Lawn

Tucked away in the heart of Oklahoma City is a stunning green space known as Scissortail Park. Covering 70 acres, this beautiful urban park serves as a gathering place for the local community, as well as an attractive destination for tourists. In this blog post, we will take you on a journey through Scissortail Park and showcase some of the exceptional features that make it a must-visit spot in Oklahoma City.


A Park for Everyone

Scissortail Park offers activities and amenities to suit people of all ages and interests. With its picturesque landscapes and accessible facilities, it allows everyone to explore the outdoors and appreciate nature.


The Great Lawn

As you enter the park, you'll be greeted by the wide-open space of the Great Lawn. This expansive grassy area provides a perfect setting for picnics, outdoor concerts, and various community events.

Gardens and Scenic Landscapes

Scissortail Park: Gardens and Scenic Landscapes

The park also features meticulously maintained gardens and picturesque landscapes, ideal for leisurely strolls, bird-watching, or capturing some stunning photographs. The seasonal planting in the park ensures year-round beauty and interest.

Children's Playground

The Children's Playground in Scissortail Park is an innovative play space designed to spark creativity and imagination, with various structures aimed at engaging the minds and muscles of children.

Encounter Scissortail's Wildlife

Scissortail Park offers several environments for visitors to interact with wildlife, including the Wetland Aviary and the Woodland Glade. Keep an eye out for native birds and other fascinating creatures as you explore these habitats.

The Promenade and Water Features

The park's central promenade features several water elements, including interactive fountains for children to play in, and a large reflecting pool. You can also rent a pedal boat or try your hand at stand-up paddleboarding on the park's small lake.


Events and Activities

Scissortail Park regularly hosts seasonal events and activities, ranging from outdoor concerts and festivals to workout classes and wellness activities. You can find information about upcoming events on the park's website or social media platforms.

Getting to Scissortail Park

Scissortail Park is easily accessible by car, with ample parking available in the area. Alternatively, you can take the Oklahoma City Streetcar, which stops at the park's entrance.

Planning Your Visit

Scissortail Park: Plan Your Visit

Visit the official Scissortail Park website at ScissortailPark.org to plan your trip, check the event calendar, and find helpful park information such as hours of operation and park rules.

If you haven't experienced Scissortail Park already, it's time to add it to your must-visit list in Oklahoma City. With its abundant greenspace, relaxing atmosphere, and wide range of activities, Scissortail Park has something to offer everyone, making it a true urban oasis you won't want to miss.

Image source: Scissortail Park

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Sept. 9, 2023

Why Do I Need An Appraisal?


All About the Appraisal

Buying a home can be a complicated process with lots of paperwork and terms you probably haven't heard before. One such term is "appraisal." While not mandatory in cash real estate transactions (although you can always get one), an appraisal is a necessity if you intend to buy a property with a mortgage loan. The appraisal is a crucial step that helps determine the fair market value of a property. If you're looking to buy, read on for more information on this important process.

Why do I need an appraisal?

The goal of an appraisal is to determine the fair market value of a property. It is conducted by a professional appraiser, who is typically licensed or certified and has expertise in evaluating properties based on various factors.

A woman walking through an empty family room with a clipboard in her hands.

What is the appraisal process?

The process is comprised of a number of steps:

    1. A request is made for an appraisal as part of a mortgage application
    2. A property inspection occurs, where the appraiser will visit the property to inspect multiple features (both interior and exterior)
    3. A comparable sales analysis is performed to compare the property to recently sold properties (comps) in the same or a similar neighborhood
    4. The comparable sales analysis will help the appraiser identify if any adjustments will need to be made to the appraisal report
    5. A market analysis is performed to consider the current real estate market conditions (supply and demand, trends in property values, economic factors that could influence the property's value)
    6. The appraiser will compile all the pertinent information into a comprehensive appraisal report
    7. Based on all the above factors, the appraiser will arrive at a final value for the property and this will be submitted to the lender for review

The determined appraised value will play a significant role in the real estate transaction and ultimately helps assure the lender that the property provides sufficient collateral for the loan. The whole process helps maintain transparency and fairness in the real estate transaction by providing an objective assessment of the property's value.

Two women standing in the foyer of a home for sale.

Some common questions around the appraisal:

What is the cost?

Depending on where you are in the country, a home appraisal can cost anywhere from $300 to $500, with fluctuations based on the type of property (single-family or multi-family) and the size of the property.

Who pays for the appraisal?

Traditionally, the buyer is the party responsible for paying for the appraisal, but this can always be negotiated.

Is it required?

An appraisal is almost always required when purchasing with a mortgage. Lenders will use the appraisal to determine whether the property is worth the amount the buyer is asking to borrow.

What if the appraisal comes in lower than the sale price?

This can happen, and if it does, the buyer has some options: the buyer can ask the seller to renegotiate the sale price to better align with the appraisal value; the buyer can pay the difference between the asking price and appraisal out of pocket; the buyer could use a piggyback mortgage to make up the difference. (A piggyback mortgage is an additional loan taken out on a property alongside a first mortgage).

A couple sitting at a kitchen counter looking at paperwork.

Why did the appraisal come in lower than the sale price?

An appraisal can come in lower than the sale price - it happens. There can be a number of reasons why the appraisal came in lower (this list does not include every reason, but these are some of the most common):

      • The market is heating up fast and recently sold properties don't compare to current market conditions
      • The appraiser didn't have enough data on sales of similar homes in the area and had to go out of the immediate area/neighborhood
      • The majority of the property is below ground and requires the appraiser to use a much lower value per square foot
      • The extra features of the property weren't enough to boost the total value of the property
      • The appraiser didn't inspect the comps close enough and missed vital information
      • The appraiser is new and hasn't built up a lot of experience
      • The seller overpaid for the property and wants to recoup the money they spent

Buying a home is a process; the appraisal is an integral part of the process and helps provide an unbiased and informed estimate of a property's value, which is important for both the buyer and the lender in the real estate transaction. While it may seem tedious, it is vital.

One thing that guarantees a smooth real estate transaction is having an expert on your side - as your trusted real estate agents, We'll be there with you through every step of the process. We're here to answer all your questions

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Sept. 6, 2023

Protect Your House from Sun Exposure













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June 1, 2023

A First Month Post Move Guide












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